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Forum Xnxx
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Forum Xnxx

Forum Xnxx

Forum Xnxx is one of those sites that has a strange name that noone can really understand. All I can think is that they wanted a name, picked one out and stuck with it! Their site is a pretty popular porn site, but we’re not talking about the videos on this site right now. We are talking about the fun part, the forums! Anyway, let’s get to the review part of this site so that you can make your decision on if you love it or not.

What I Love

The first thing that I love about Forum Xnxx is that there are six sub-boards. With this site you will get to havre all the fun you could dream of with sex stories, personals, games, pics and movies, sexuality, and general discussion. There are over 8 million posts on this site! Not only are there a lot of posts, but there are a lot of recent posts as well, meaning that you know that this site is active.

The second thing that I love about this site is that there are a lot of people on the site. When you join up with a forum, or decide to chat annonymously it is important that you make sure that the site you are joining up with will have loads of people on it. If the site does not have loads of people on it, you won’t be getting much out of your new site when it comes to posts.

The third thing that I love about this site is that the site is easy to navigate for anyone. When I first started using this site I was worried that it might take awhile to get the hang of things and find my way around. The site does seem to be intimidating at first, but it actually is very to navigate once you take a quick look around. You will also find this site filled with some great thread titles like 20 year old gf, or would you like to screw my sister?

What I Don’t Love

The first thing that I don’t love about the Forum Xnxx site is that they do have rules that you have to follow. Of course, no one is allowed to break the rules (no matter who they are). I only complain about this simply because it is an adult community afterall, why do they really need rules? The only rule should be no spamming other users.

The second thing that I don’t love about this site is that they have a pretty boring site design. I am really not a fan of the boring blue color that they have for their site. Also, they have very little sub-forums.

Final Thoughts

The Forum Xnxx site is exactly what you think it is, a place for adults to get together as a community and get wild. With this site there are a lot of great features such as loads of posts, constant contact between users, tons of users, and easy navigation. However, the site does come with some faults like having rules that you have to follow. All in all, I think this site is certainly worth checking out!

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